Find xCode Simulator

It's the little things that piss you off the most.

I, like most iOS developers, have found Apple's decision to revamp xCode's simulator bloody annoying.

  • It was located in one place.
  • It was simple to identify a simulator.
  • It was easy to find the app you were debugging.

I was so tired of finding my application's folder inside the myriad of alpha-numeric folders that now consitute xCode's simulators, that I wrote a script to help me.

The script concatenates a few Mac/xCode commands to find, and then open the currently active simulator's root folder.

The commands are

xcrun simctl list | grep Boot | tr -d '()' | awk {'print "open ~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/"$3"/data/Containers/Data/Application"'} | sh  

I hope to make a few improvements soon. It would be nice to open the currently installed application's root folder